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Mr Nigel Aspinall, croquet player, 48; Professor Gustav Born, pharmacologist, 73; Professor Patricia Clarke, biochemist, 75; Sir Michael Davies, former High Court judge, 73; Miss Kay Dick, author, 79; Lt-Col Harold Ervine-Andrews VC, 83; Sir Leslie Fielding, former Vice-Chancellor, Sussex University, 62; Miss Sally Gunnell, athlete, 28; Mr Joe Johnson, snooker player, 42; Miss Diane Keen, actress, 48; Professor Sir Robert Kilpatrick, pharmacologist, 68; Mr Michael Pickard, chairman, London Docklands Development Corporation, 62; Viscount Ridley, Lord-Lieutenant for Northumberland, 69; Lord Scarman, former Lord of Appeal, 83; Mr Anthony Stevens, veterinary surgeon, 68; Miss Wendy Taylor, sculptor, 49; Mr Mikis Theodorakis, Greek composer, 69; Lord Weinstock, managing director, GEC, 70.