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Sir Hugh Annesley, chief constable, RUC, 55; Mr Jack Bailey, former secretary, MCC, 64; Sir Christopher Booth, gastro-enterologist, 70; Lt-Gen Sir Robin Carnegie, former director-

general of Army Training, 68; Mr Hubert Chesshyre, Chester Herald, 54; Miss Katherine Dunham, choreographer, 84; Field Marshal Sir Roland Gibbs, Lord-Lieutenant for Wiltshire, 73; Mr Graham Hill, solicitor and former chairman, Guinness Mahon, 67; Mr Ian Howe, former chairman, Kwik Save, 54; Lord Hunt, mountaineer, 84; Mr Bruce Kent, nuclear disarmament activist, 65; Mr Kris Kristofferson, singer, songwriter and actor, 58; Professor Donald Low, President of Clare Hall, Cambridge, 67; Mr Gordon Oakes MP, 63; Mr Alan Osmond, singer, 45; Mr David Owen, chief constable, North Wales, 63; Mr Libor Pesek, conductor, 61; Mr Stuart Randall MP, 56; Miss Esther Rantzen, television presenter, 54; Dame Cicely Saunders, founder of St Christopher's Hospice, 76; Miss Prunella Scales, actress, 62; Mr Alastair Stewart, newscaster and reporter, 42; Miss Meryl Streep, actress, 45; Lord Wakeham, Lord Privy Seal, 62; Mr Douglas Pole Welman, engineer, 92; Mr Billy Wilder, film director and screenwriter, 88; Miss Diana Young, jockey, 38.