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Sir Roy Beldam, a Lord Justice of Appeal, 69; Mr Henry Bellingham MP, 39; Mr Richard Rodney Bennett, composer, 58; Mr Stephen Cheveley, agricultural consultant, 94; Mr George Chisholm, trombonist, 79; Mr Bernard Davey, weather forecaster, 51; Sir William Dugdale, director and chairman, General Utilities, 72; Miss Julie Goodyear, actress, 49; Miss Margaret Howard, broadcaster, 56; Mr Jack Jones, former trade union leader, 81; Sir Arthur Knight, former chairman, Courtaulds, 77; Sir Patrick Lawrence, solicitor, 66; Mr John Major MP, Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury, 51; Miss Ruby Murray, singer, 59; Mr Hugh Neill, Lord-Lieutenant for South Yorkshire, 73; Sir John Paul, former Governor-General of the Bahamas, 78; Mr Chapman Pincher, journalist, 80; Sir John Read, former chairman, TSB Group, 76; Miss Fiona Reynolds, Director, Council for the Protection of Rural England, 66; Lord Ross, Lord Justice-Clerk, 67; Mr John Suchet, television reporter and newscaster, 50; Lord Tebbit, former MP, 63; Sir John Vane, pharmacologist, 67.