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Lord Alexander of Weedon QC, chairman, National Westminster Bank, 58; Mr Malcolm Allison, football manager, 67; Miss Meg Beresford, former general secretary, CND, 57; Mr Johnny Briggs, actor, 59; Mr Dick Clement, director and scriptwriter, 57; Mr Richard Dunn, chief executive, Thames Television, 51; Miss Tracy Edwards, yachtswoman, 32; Sir Robin Fearn, ambassador to Spain, 60; Mr David Graham, former Chief Constable, Cheshire, 61; Dame Elizabeth Hedley-Miller, former senior civil servant, 71; Mr Michael Lees, actor, 67; Sir Francis Loyd, former colonial administrator, 78; Mr Kevin McNamara MP, 60; Mr Eduardo Mata, conductor, 52; Sir John Mummery, High Court judge, 56; Mr Bob Newhart, actor and comedian, 65; Mr William Nursaw, investment consultant, 91; Canon Peter Pilkington, chairman, Broadcasting Complaints Commission, 61; Miss Jean Rankine, deputy director, British Museum, 53; Mr Al Stewart, rock singer and songwriter, 49; Mr George Tremlett, author, journalist and bookseller, 55; Mr Paul A. Volcker, former chairman, American Federal Reserve Board, 67; Miss Raquel Welch, actress, 54; Professor Sir Denys Wilkinson, nuclear physicist, 72.