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The Queen Mother, 93; Mr James Arbuthnot MP, 41; Vice-Admiral Sir Patrick Bayly, 79; Mr David Bedford, composer, 56; Mr William Cooper, novelist, 83; Mr Brian Crozier, writer, 75; Dr John Cunningham MP, 54; Sir Rustam Feroze, gynaecologist, 73; Professor Hugh Freeman, psychiatrist, 64; Sir George Godber, former chairman, Health Education Council, 85; Miss Georgina Hale, actress, 50; Mr Martin Jarvis, actor, 52; Mr David Lange CH, former prime minister of New Zealand, 51; Mr Simon Preston, organist, 55; Mr John Spalding, vice- President, National House-Building Council, 69; Mr Peter Squires, rugby player, 42; Sir Rodney Swiss, dental surgeon, 89; Mr Bowen Wells MP, 58; Sir Michael Weston, leader, UK Delegation to Conference on Disarmament, 56.