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TODAY: Mr David Allan, disc jockey, 54; Air Commodore Colin Cadell, 88; Mr Greg Chappell, cricketer, 45; Mr Neil Clarke, chairman, British Coal, 59; Sir Maurice Dorman, former Governor-General of Malta, 81; Professor Herbert Elvin, former director, London University Institute of Education, 88; Mr Matthew Evans, chairman and managing director, Faber and Faber, 52; Sir Ian Fraser, former deputy chairman of TSB, 70; Mr Stan Freberg, television satirist, 67; The Right Rev Andrew Graham, Bishop of Newcastle, 64; Sir Paul Hawkins, former MP, 81; Mr Kenneth Kendall, broadcaster, 69; Miss Sue Lloyd, actress, 54; Mr Owen Luder, architect, 65; Dame Ella Macknight, gynaecologist, 89; Vice- Admiral Sir Hector Maclean, 85; Mr Matthew Parris, journalist and broadcaster, 44; Mr Nick Ross, journalist and broadcaster, 46; Mr Alexei Sayle, comedian, 41; Baroness Seear, deputy leader, Social and Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords, 80; Mr Philip Snow, author, 78; Mr Roger Stott MP, 50; Mr Walter Swinburn, jockey, 32; Mr John Young, chairman and managing director, Young & Co's Brewery, 72.

TOMORROW: Mr Richard Anderson, actor, 67; Professor Jack Baldwin, chemist, 55; Mr Keith Barron, actor, 59; Mr Rory Calhoun, actor, 71; Lord Campbell of Eskan, former chairman, Commonwealth Sugar Exporters' Association, 81; Mr Dennis Canavan MP, 51; Mr Keith Carradine, actor, singer and songwriter, 43; Lord Chapple, former trade union leader, 72; Dr Michael Clark MP, 58; Lord Hayhoe, former MP, 68; Mr Dustin Hoffman, actor, 56; Lt-Gen Sir David House, former 'Black Rod', 71; Mr Peter Lapping, headmaster of Sherborne, 52; Mr Nigel Mansell, racing driver, 40; Sir Alan Muir Wood, civil engineer, 72; Sir Patrick Neill QC, Appeal Court judge, Jersey and Guernsey, and Warden of All Souls College, Oxford, 67; Professor Roger Penrose, mathematician, 62; Mr Richard Samuel, ambassador to Latvia, 60; Miss Sylvia Sidney, actress, 83; Miss Connie Stevens, actress and singer, 55; Lord Tranmire, former government minister, 90; Miss Esther Williams, swimmer and film actress, 70; Sir John Wood, High Court judge, 71; Professor John Yudkin, nutritionist, 83.