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Miss Patti Andrews, singer (of the Andrews Sisters), 73; Mr Patrick Bailey, director of Dan-Air, 68; Mr Paul Bailey, novelist, 56; Mr Jeremy Bullock, actor, 48; Mrs Stella Clarke, chairman of council, Bristol University, 61; Mr Frederick Cuming, painter, 63; Mr Anthony Dowell, senior principal and director of the Royal Ballet, 50; Mr Peter Hobday, radio presenter, 56; Mr Mike Holding, cricketer, 39; Mr Eliahu Inbal, conductor, 56; Mr Ian Lavender, actor, 47; Professor Jack Levy, engineer, 67; Mr Jeffrey Lynn, actor, 84; Mr John McEnroe, tennis player, 34; Sir Maitland Mackie, farmer, 81; Gerard Mansell, former deputy-director of the BBC, 72; Sir Michael Milne-Watson, former industrialist, 83; M Francois-Xavier Ortoli, former EEC vice-president, economic and financial affairs, 68; Sir John Peck, former ambassador, 80; Mr Peter Porter, author and poet, 64; Mr John Schlesinger, film director, 67; Sir James Swaffield, former Director-General and Clerk to the GLC, 69; Mr Andy Taylor, rock guitarist, 32; Sir Peter Webster, High Court judge, 69.