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Mr David Blatherwick, ambassador to the Irish Republic, 52; Professor Derek Brewer, former Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 70; Mr Ian Campbell, civil engineer, 71; Sir James Craig, Arabic scholar and director-general, Middle East Association, 69; Mr Moss Evans, former trade-union leader, 68; Mr Harrison Ford, actor, 51; Mr Larry Gomes, West Indies cricketer, 40; The Earl of Gosford, painter, 51; Vice-Admiral the Hon Sir Nicholas Hill-Norton, Deputy Chief of Defence Staff, 54; Sir Philip Jones, chairman, Total Oil Marine, 62; Vice-Admiral Sir Gerard Mansfield, 72; Mr Bryan Murray, actor, 44; Dr Ghillean Prance, director, Kew Gardens, 56; Brigadier Dame Jean Rivett-Drake, former director, WRAC, 84; Dr Patricia Rodgers, High Commissioner in London for the Bahamas, 45; Mr Chris Serle, television presenter, 50; Miss Rachel Squire MP, 39; Mr Patrick Stewart, actor, 53; Mr David Storey, playwright, 60; The Rev Dr Anthony Thiselton, head of the Department of Theology, Nottingham University, 56; Sir Garfield Todd, former prime minister, Southern Rhodesia, 85; Professor Sir Bernard Tomlinson, pathologist, 73; Mme Simone Veil, MEP, 66.