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Asfa Wossen Haile Selassie, Crown Prince of Ethiopia, 77; Mr Allan Border, cricketer, 38; Lord Cawley, former barrister, 80; Mr Peter Coker, artist, 67; Gp Capt John Cunningham, former Executive Director, British Aerospace, 76; Miss Anna Dawson, actress and comedienne, 56; Mr Christopher Dean, skater, 35; Sir Ronald Dearing, former chairman of the Post Office, 63; Miss Jo Durie, tennis player, 33; Miss Bobbie Gentry, singer, 51; Dame Mary Green, former headmistress, Kidbrooke School, 80; Mr Jack Higgins (Harry Patterson), novelist, 64; Lord Jenkins of Putney, former government minister, 85; Professor James McGee, professor of morbid anatomy, Oxford, 54; Sir James Munn, university commissioner, 73; Mr John Pardoe, chairman, Sight and Sound Education, and former MP, 59; Sir Denis Rickett, former senior civil servant, 86; Baroness Williams of Crosby, former President, Social Democratic Party, 63.