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Lady Elizabeth Anson, party planner, 52; Mr Derek Barron, former chairman and chief executive, Ford Motor Co, 64; The Right Rev Michael Baughen, Bishop of Chester, 63; Miss Ann Beach, actress and singer, 55; Sir Wilfred Cockcroft, chairman, Educational Project Resources, 70; Mr David Coleridge, chairman, Sturge Holdings, 61; Miss Elizabeth Counsell, actress, 51; Sir Murray Fox, former Lord Mayor of London, 81; Mr Martyn Goff, former chief executive, Book Trust, 70; Mr James Ivory, film director, 65; Mr Peter Jones, former director, Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, 68; Mr Tom Jones, singer, 53; Mr Jaime Laredo, violinist, 52; Lord Luke, life president, Electrolux, 88; Sir Eric McDowell, chairman, Capita Management Consultants, 68; Miss Virginia McKenna, actress, 62; Mr Dean Martin, singer and actor, 75; Mr Thomas Arfon Owen, director, Welsh Arts Council, 60; Mr Michael Pennington, actor and writer, 50; Mr Ronald Pickup, actor, 53; Mr Neal Radford, cricketer, 36; Mr Jim Rose, former chairman, Penguin Books, 84; The Very Rev John A. Simpson, Dean of Canterbury, 60; Professor William Stewart, Chief Scientific Adviser, Cabinet Office, 58; Mr Norman Strouse, composer, 65; Miss Jessica Tandy, actress, 84; Air Chief Marshal Sir John Thomson, Commander-in-Chief, United Kingdom Air Forces, 52; Mr John Turner QC, former prime minister of Canada, 64; Mr Mark Young, trade- union leader, 64.