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Miss Eva Bartok, actress, 64; Mr Peter Batty, television and film producer, 62; Mr James Bishop, editor-in-chief, Illustrated London News Publications, 64; Mr Michael Blakemore, freelance theatre director, 65; Mr Ian Carmichael, actor, 73; Mr Carl de Winter, former secretary-general, Federation of British Artists, 59; Mr Paul Eddington, actor, 66; Mr Barry Evans, actor, 50; Miss Patricia Hutchinson, former ambassador to Uruguay, 67; Mr Roy Jackson, assistant general secretary, TUC, 65; General Sir Brian Kenny, governor, Royal Hospital, Chelsea, 59; Sir Dennis Landau, former chief executive, CWS, 66; Mr Paul McCartney, songwriter and former Beatle, 51; Miss Alison Moyet, singer, 32; Sir Peter Phillips, chairman, AB Electronics, 63; Mr Llewellyn Rees, actor and theatre administrator, 92; Miss Delia Smith, writer and television cookery expert, 52; Miss Linda Thorsen, actress, 46; Mr John Young, actor, 77.