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Mr Eric Ambler, novelist and screenwriter, 84; Mr Howard Barker, playwright and poet, 47; Mr Correlli Barnett, author, 66; Mr Stan Barstow, writer, 65; Dr John Black, former director and secretary, Wolfson Foundation, 71; Mr Mel Brooks, author, actor and director, 67; Mr Jamie Cann MP, 47; Sir Robert Carswell, Northern Ireland High Court judge, 59; Mr Kenneth Cooper, former chief executive, British Library, 62; Mr Harold Evans, president and publisher, Random House, 65; Sir Peter Gadsden, former Lord Mayor of London, 64; Mr Roger Godsiff MP, 47; Mr Jack Gold, film director, 63; Mr John Gorst MP, 65; Lord Gray of Contin, former government minister, 66; Sir Peter Gregson, permanent Secretary, Department of Trade and Industry, 57; Professor Martin Harris, Vice-Chancellor, Manchester University, 49; Mr Malcolm Horsman, former chairman, Ralli International, 60; Mr John Inman, actor, 57; Mr George Lloyd, composer and conductor, 80; Sir John May, chairman, University Commissioners, 70; Sir David Scholey, chairman, SG Warburg, 58; Sir Cyril Smith, former MP, 65; Viscount Whitelaw CH, former government minister, 75; Sir Patrick Wright, former Head of the Diplomatic Service, 62.