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Dr Jean Balfour, former Chairman, Countryside Commission for Scotland, 66; Mr Martin Balsam, actor, 74; The Right Rev John Cavell, Assistant Bishop, Salisbury, 77; Mr Walter Cronkite, radio and television presenter, 77; Lt-Gen Sir Hugh Cunningham, 72; Dame Kathryn Dugdale, a Lady-in-Waiting to the Queen, 70; Mr Russell Evans, former chairman, Rank Organisation, 71; Professor Arthur Forty, Principal, Stirling University, 65; Mr Robert Henderson, former chairman, Kleinwort, Benson, Lonsdale, 76; Mr Elgar Howarth, musician and conductor, 58; Professor Jeffrey Jowell, Professor of Public Law, University College London, 55; Herr Thomas Klestil, President of Austria, 61; Sir Anthony Lousada, solicitor and patron of the arts, 86; The Rev Roy McKay, former head of religious broadcasting at the BBC, 93; Air Commodore Philippa Marshall, former Director, WRAF, 73; Mr Michael Meacher MP, 54; Miss Joan Rodgers, soprano, 37; Professor Joseph Rotblat, physicist, 85; Air Commandant Dame Anne Stephens, former Director, WRAF, 81; Miss Loretta Swit, actress, 49; The Dowager Lady Wakehurst, founder, Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health, 94; Miss Lena Zavaroni, entertainer, 29.