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Mr Ed Asner, actor, 64; Mr Howard Baker, lawyer and senator, 68; Mr JG Ballard, science-fiction writer, 63; Mr Daniel Barenboim, pianist and conductor, 51; Mr Andrew Castle, Davis Cup player, 30; Sir Geoffrey Chandler, Chairman, National Council for Voluntary Organisations, 71; Miss Petula Clark, singer and actress, 61; Mr Andre Deutsch, publisher, 76; Professor Peter Dickinson, pianist and composer, 59; Mr Martin Hammond, Headmaster of Tonbridge School, 49; Mr John Hobhouse, former Chairman, RSPCA, 83; Miss Paula Kahn, chief executive and chairman, Longman Group, 53; Lord Mackay of Ardbrecknish, former MP, 55; Mr David Rae Smith, chartered accountant, 74; Mr Paul Raymond, impresario, 68; Sir Wallace Rowling, statesman, 66; Maj-Gen Joseph Shepheard, 85; Canon Eric Staples, former Chaplain to the Queen, 83; Mr Sam Waterston, actor, 53; Sir Roger Young, former Principal, George Watson's College, Edinburgh, 70.