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Mr Bev Bevan, rock musician, 47; Mr Paul Copley, actor, 50; Miss Kathryn Crosby, actress, 60; Mr John Drummond, writer and broadcaster, 59; Mr Francis Durbridge, author and playwright, 81; Mrs Maria Fyfe MP, 55; Sir Cosmo Haskard, former governor of the Falkland Islands, 77; Miss Daisy Hyams, consultant, Tesco plc, 81; Mr Dickie Jeeps, former rugby international player, 62; Mr Alan Keen MP, 56; Mr Charles Kennedy MP, 34; Miss Yvonne Kenny, operatic soprano, 43; Mr Imran Khan Niazi, cricketer, 41; Dr Mauno Koivisto, President of Finland, 70; Dr Elizabeth Laverick, electrical engineer, 68; Mr Ricardo Montalban, actor, 73; Sir Fergus Montgomery MP, 66; Mr Michael Morris MP, 57; Mr Paul Murphy MP, 45; Mr Tony Neary, rugby player, 45; Mr Kerry O'Keeffe, cricketer, 44; Lord Richardson of Duntisbourne, chairman, Morgan Stanley International Inc, 78; Mr Richard Seifert, architect, 83; Lord Weatherill, former Speaker of the House of Commons, 73; Mr Peter Wright, director, Birmingham Royal Ballet, 67.