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Baroness Airey of Abingdon, former member of North Atlantic Assembley, 73; The Earl of Ancram MP, former government minister, 47; Sir John Brown, publisher, 76; Miss Brenda Bruce, actress, 70; M Pierre Cardin, fashion designer, 70; Lord Carlisle of Bucklow QC, former government minister, 63; Sir Michael Colman, chairman, Reckitt & Colman, 64; Mr Charles Dyer, playwright, novelist and actor, 64; Mr David Faber MP, 31; Lord Farnham, chairman, Brown Shipley Holdings, 61; Mr Barry Field MP, 46; Miss Gretchen Franklin, actress, 81; Rear-Admiral John Grove, 65; Lt- Gen Sir Ian Harris, racehorse breeder, 82; Mr Michael Howard MP, Secretary of State for the Environment, 51; Professor Tom Husband, vice-chancellor, Salford University, 56; Mr Tony Jacklin, golfer, 48; Mr Hamish MacInnes, mountaineer, 62; Lord Mais, former Lord Mayor of London, 81; Sir Christopher Mallaby, ambassador to Germany, 56; The Earl of Mansfield, First Crown Estate Commissioner, 62; Mr Gian Carlo Menotti, composer, 81; Mr Bill Oddie, actor, comedian and ornithologist, 51; Mr Jon Pertwee, actor, 73; Mr Philip Reeves, etcher, 61; The Hon Sir Steven Runciman, historian, 89; Sir Kelvin Spencer, scientist, 94; Mr Ringo Starr, former Beatle, 52; Sir Adam Thomson, former chairman, British Caledonian, 66; Sir Richard Turnbull, former Governor General, Kenya, 83; Admiral Sir Frank Twiss, former Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, 82.