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Mr Zaheer Abbas, cricketer, 45; Mr John Ambler, vice-president, Texaco, 58; Baroness Blatch, Minister of State for Education and the Environment, 55; Mr Julian Brazier MP, 39; Mr George H. Brown, film producer, 79; Miss Lynda Carter, actress and singer, 41; Lord Digby, Lord-Lieutenant for Dorset, 68; Robert Farnon, composer, 76; Sir Edward Ford, secretary and registrar, the Order of Merit, 82; M Jacques Fouroux, rugby player, 45; Mr Charles Hambro, chairman, Hambros, 62; Mr James Hele, former High Master, St Paul's School, 66; Mr Wilfred Josephs, composer, 65; Vice-Admiral Sir David Loram, former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander, 68; Mr Edwin Mirvish, proprietor, the Old Vic, 78; Mr Les Reed, songwriter, 57; Mr Ruggiero Ricci, violinist, 74; Mr Christopher Smith MP, 41; Sir Colin Southgate, chairman and chief executive, Thorn EMI, 54; Miss Nora Swinburne, actress, 90; Professor Frank Thistlethwaite, emeritus professor, University of East Anglia, 77; Mr Peter Yates, film director and producer, 63.