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Sir Kenneth Berrill, economist, 72; The Right Rev John Bone, Bishop of Reading, 62; Sir Ralph Kilner Brown, former High Court judge, 83; Mr John Carlisle MP, 50; Sir Cecil Clothier QC, former chairman, Police Complaints Authority, 73; Miss Imogen Cooper, pianist, 43; Lord Cudlipp, former newspaper chairman, 79; Professor Wendy Davies, historian, 50; Mr Windsor Davies, actor, 62; Mr Arthur Dunkel, director-general, GATT, 60; Miss Janet Frame, novelist, 68; Mr Ben Gazzara, actor, 62; Sir Rupert Hart-Davis, author, editor and former publisher, 85; Arthur Lindsay Hassett, cricketer, 79; Sir Godfrey Hounsfield, inventor of the EMI-scanner, 73; Mr Emlyn Hughes, footballer and broadcaster, 45; General Sir William Jackson, former Governor, Gibraltar, 75; Professor Sir John Kingman, vice-chancellor, Bristol University, 53; Dr Joseph Luns, former secretary-general of Nato, 81; Air Chief Marshal Sir Nigel Maynard, 71; Miss Elain Mellor, jockey, 49; Mr Donald O'Connor, actor and dancer, 67; Miss Jo Richardson MP, 69; Mr Max Robertson, radio commentator and broadcaster, 77; Miss Emma Samms, actress, 32; Sir Thomas Scrivenor, former colonial administrator, 84; Mr John Sheffield, chairman, Norcros, 54; Mr John Shirley-Quirk, bass-baritone, 61; Mr David Soul, actor and singer, 48; Sir Peter Thornton, former senior civil servant, 75; Dr Roger Williams, hepatologist, 61.