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TODAY: Miss Tracy Austin, tennis player and broadcaster, 32; Mr Lionel Blair, dancer and entertainer, 61; Maj-Gen Sir Rupert Brazier-Creagh, former Director of Staff Duties, War Office, 83; Mr Will Carling, England rugby captain, 27; Miss Denise Coffey, actress, 56; Mr Jasper Conran, fashion designer, 33; Mr Kenneth Cranham, actor, 48; The Hon Mrs Gwyneth Dunwoody MP, 62; Mr William Ebbert, chairman and managing director, Vauxhall Motors, 50; Mr Emerson Fittipaldi, racing driver, 46; Miss Connie Francis, singer, 54; Mr Roy Grantham, general secretary, Apex, 66; Air Commodore Dame Felicity Hill, former director, WRAAF, 77; Mr Philip Ledger, principal, Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, 55; Mr Christopher Mullin MP, 45; Mr John Osborne, playwright, 63; Mr Frank Sinatra, singer and actor, 77; Mr Clive Thornton, company chairman, 63; The Right Rev John Wakeling, former Bishop of Southwell, 74; Miss Dionne Warwick, singer, 51.

TOMORROW: Prince Karim, the Aga Khan, 56; Lord Alexander of Potterhill, former General Secretary Association of of Education Committees, 87; Sir Terence Beckett, former Director General, CBI, 69; The Hon Sir George Bellew, former Garter Principal King of Arms, 93; Mr Howard Brenton, playwright, 50; General Arnold Brown, former leader, Salvation Army, 79; Lord Bullock, historian, 78; Mr Jim Davidson, comedian, 38; Mr John Francome, broadcaster and former jockey, 40; Mr Walter Girven, chief constable, Wiltshire, 54; Miss Anouska Hempel, actress, hotelier and designer, 51; Dr Douglas Latto, surgeon and gynaecologist, 79; Mr Robert Lindsay, actor, 43; Professor Sir William McCrea, astronomer, 88; Mr Alec Monk, chief executive, Tri-Delta Corporation, 50; Mr Christopher Plummer, actor, 63; Sir John Pope-Hennessy, professor of Fine Arts, New York University, 79; Sir Humphrey Prideaux, chairman, Morland and Co, 77; Sir Robin Renwick, ambassador to the US, 55; Mr George Shultz, former US Secretary of State, 72; Professor Geoffrey Sims, former vice-Chancellor, Sheffield University, 66; Maj-Gen Sir David Thorne, Director-General, Commonwealth Trust, 59; Sir Laurens van der Post, writer and explorer, 86; Mr Dick Van Dyke, actor, 67; General Sir Peter Whiteley, former Commander-in-Chief, Allied Forces Northern Europe, 72; Miss Paula Wilcox, actress, 43; Mr Brian Wilson MP, 44.