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Mr Benny Andersson, singer with Abba, 46; Professor Sir Harold Bailey, Sanskrit scholar, 93; Mr Norman Blamey, painter, 78; Sir Michael Carlisle, chairman, Trent Regional Health Authority, 63; Mr Arthur C. Clarke, writer, 75; Mrs Myrella Cohen QC, circuit judge, 65; Professor Bernard Crick, political don and biographer, 63; The Hon Peter Dickinson, author, 65; Mr Christopher Ellison, actor, 46; Mr Joel Garner, cricketer, 40; Mr Robert Gunn, former chairman of Boots, 67; Mr Tony Hicks, rock guitarist, 47; Sir Jasper Hollom, former Deputy Governor, Bank of England, 75; Miss Stephanie Lawrence, singer, 39; Lord Margadale, former MP, 86; Lord Mottistone, Lord-Lieutenant of the Isle of Wight, 72; Sir Victor Pritchett, author and critic, 92; Lt- Gen Sir David Scott-Barrett, chairman, Army Cadet Force Association, 70; Mr Rodion Shchedrin, composer, 60; Mr Graham Stevenson, cricketer, 37; Sir John Thompson, former High Court judge, 85; Miss Jacqueline Thwaites, head of the Inchbald Schools of Design and Fine Arts, 61; Miss Liv Ullmann, actress, 54; Mr William Whatley, former trade union official, 70.