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Emperor Akihito of Japan, 59; Queen Silvia of Sweden, 49; Lord Bancroft, former Head of the Home Civil Service, 70; Mrs Christine Bicknell, former chairman, CSSB, 73; Sir Norman Biggs, banker, 85; Lord Blake, former editor, Dictionary of National Biography, 76; Vice- Admiral Sir Stephen Carlill, 90; Professor Sir Theodore Crawford, pathologist, 81; Mr David Davis MP, an assistant whip, 44; Mr Peter Davis, chairman and chief executive, Reed International, 51; Mr Maurice Denham, actor, 83; Sir Colin Fielding, consultant in research systems, 66; Mr Luther Grosvenor, rock guitarist, 43; Yousuf Karsh, photographer, 84; Mr Graham Kelly, chief executive, the Football Association, 47; Mr Christopher Lawrence, silversmith, 56; Brigadier Sir Geoffrey Macnab, former embassy military attache, 93; Miss Joan Quennell, former MP, 69; Herr Helmut Schmidt, former Chancellor of West Germany, 74; Mr Christopher Turner, former headmaster, Stowe School, 63; Mr Rayner Unwin, publishing chairman, 67.