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Mr Eugene Anderson, chairman and chief executive, Ferranti International, 54; Major Michael Argyle QC, former circuit judge, 77; Admiral Sir Brian Brown, former Chief of Naval Personnel, 58; Professor Robert Hanbury Brown, astronomer, 76; Mr Roy Castle, entertainer, 60; Sir James Cleminson, former chairman, British Overseas Trade Board, 71; Mr James Coburn, actor, 64; Miss Anne Coffey, MP, 46; Lt-Gen Sir Napier Crookenden, 77; Mr Alan de Piro QC, former circuit judge, 73; Sir William Francis, chairman, Thomas Telford, 66; Air Marshal Sir Edward Gordon Jones, 78; Mr Larry Grayson, entertainer, 62; Mr Buddy Hackett, actor and comedian, 68; Mr Charles Kay, actor, 62; Mr Clive Lloyd, cricketer, 48; Professor Sir Bernard Lovell, former director, Jodrell Bank Station, 79; Mr Van Morrison, musician, 47; Mr Edwin Moses, athlete, 37; Mr Bryan Organ, painter, 57; Mr Itzhak Perlman, violinist, 47; Sir Barry Sheen, High Court judge, 74.