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TODAY: The Duke of Edinburgh, 74; Mr Brian Baldock, deputy chairman, Guinness plc, 61; Mr William Barr, former Rector, Exeter College, Oxford, 78; Mr Saul Bellow, author, 80; The Right Rev Leslie Brown, former Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, 83; Mr Gordon Burns, television producer and presenter, 53; Mr Peter Butler MP, 44; Sir Bryan Cartledge, Principal, Linacre College, Oxford, 64; Sir Christopher Collett, former Lord Mayor of London, 64; Sir Brinsley Ford, former chairman, National Art Collections Fund, 87; Sir Peter Gibson, a former Lord Justice of Appeal, 61; Mr Graham Greene, publisher, 59; Sir William Gordon Harris, civil engineer, 83; Mr Guy Harwood, racehorse trainer, 56; Miss June Haver, actress, 68; Sir Arthur Hawkins, former chairman, CEGB, 82; Dr Polly Hill, anthropologist, 81; Mr Lionel Jeffries, actor, 69; Mr Simon Jenkins, columnist, 52; Sir Geoffrey Otton, former senior civil servant, 68; Mr Thomas Pendry MP, 61; Mr Maurice Sendak, writer and illustrator, 67; Mr Bill Waddington, actor and comedian, 79; Maj-Gen Michael Walsh, director of Overseas Relations, St John's Ambulance, 68.

TOMORROW: Mr John Aspinall, casino- and zoo-owner, 69; Mr James Bostock, painter and engraver, 78; Mr Michael Cacoyannis, film and stage director, 73; Lord Cameron of Loch-broom, a Senator of the College of Justice in Scotland, former Lord Advocate, 64; M Jacques-Yves Cousteau, undersea explorer, 85; Miss Lindsey de Paul, singer and composer, 45; Mr John Dyson, cricketer, 41; Sir Anthony Evans, a Lord Justice of Appeal, 61; Sir Marcus Fox MP, 68; Mr Athol Fugard, actor, director and playwright, 63; Vice- Admiral Sir Robert Gerken, chairman, Plymouth Development Corporation, 63; Dame Beryl Grey, former prima ballerina, 68; Mr Dundas Hamilton, former chairman, Wates City of London Properties, 76; Mrs Rachael Heyhoe Flint, journalist, broadcaster and cricketer, 56; Mr Alan Howarth MP, 51; Mr Hugh Laurie, actor, 36; Mr Paul Mellon, former President, Washington National Gallery of Art, 88; Mr Michael Meyer, novelist and translator, 74; Mr Anthony Nelson MP, Economic Secretary, Treasury, 47; Miss Jenny Pitman, racehorse trainer, 49; Mr Barry Porter MP, 56; Sir Timothy Sainsbury MP, 63; Mr John Shakespeare, diplomat, 65; Mr Jackie Stewart, champion racing driver, 56; Mr Richard Todd, actor, 76; Sir Gerard Vaughan MP, former government minister, 72; Mr Gene Wilder, actor, 60; Lt-Gen Sir Michael Wilkes, Adjutant General, 49.