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Mr Peter Allsop, publisher, 71; Mr John Banham, chairman, Tarmac, 55; Mr Marc Bohan, dress designer, 69; Mr Ray Bradbury, author, 75; Professor Sir Colin Buchanan, town planner, 88; Dr Rob Buckman, broadcaster, 47; M Henri Cartier-Bresson, photographer, 87; Maj-Gen Earl Cathcart, 76; Sir Richard Catling, former Commissioner of Police, Kenya, 83; Professor Sir Cyril Astley Clarke, Emeritus Professor, Department of Genetics, Liverpool University, 88; Mr Steve Davis, snooker player, 38; Miss Margaret Douglas, supervisor of Parliamentary Broadcasting, 61; Miss Anne Downey, circuit judge, 59; Mr Derek Fatchett MP, 50; Mr Wilfred Harrison, actor, director and playwright, 70; Mr Max Hebditch, director of the Museum of London, 58; Mr Gerald Long, journalist and former chief executive, Reuters, 72; Mr Donald MacLeary, dancer, 58; The Right Rev Robert Martineau, former Bishop of Blackburn, 82; Sir James Menter, former principal, Queen Mary College, 74; Mr Alun Michael MP, 52; Sir Leo Pliatzky, former senior civil servant, 76; Leni Riefenstahl, actress, film producer and pho- tographer, 93; General Norman Schwarzkopf, former US military commander, 61; Mr Karlheinz Stockhausen, composer and conductor, 67; Sir Anthony Tuke, former chairman, Savoy Hotel, 75; Mr Mats Wilander, tennis player, 31.