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Miss Joan Aiken, author, 71; Sir Hubert Bennett, architect, 86; Mrs Ann Burdus, director, Dawson International, 62; Sir John Charnley, technological consultant, 73; Air Marshal Sir John Cheshire, former Assistant Chief of Staff, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers, Europe, 53; Sir Michael Day, former chairman, Commission for Racial Equality, 62; Mr Peter Drew, former chairman, Taylor Woodrow, 68; Mrs Ann Dummett, former director, Runnymede Trust, 65; Mr Mike Gapes MP, 43; Miss Mitzi Gaynor, actress and dancer, 65; Lord Howell, former government minister, 72; Sir Nicholas Jackson, musician and composer, 61; Mr Bill Kenwright, theatrical impresario, 50; Mr Dinsdale Landen, actor, 63; Air Chief Marshal Sir David Lee, 83; Sir William Mars-Jones, former High Court judge, 80; Mrs Elizabeth Peacock MP, 58; Lord Sandhurst, wartime RAF bomber commander, 75; Mr Michael Stean, chess player, 42; Mr Tom Watson, golfer, 46.


Victoria and Albert Museum: Elizabeth Miller, "From Marcantonio Raimondi to the Postcard: prints of the Raphael cartoons", 2.30pm.