Birthdays: 16th August 1995


Miss Ann Blyth, actress, 67; The Right Rev Ronald Bowlby, former Bishop of Southwark, 69; Sir Philip Dowson, architect, 71; Mr George Galloway MP, 41; Sir David Gillmore, former Head of the Diplomatic Service, 61; Miss Eydie Gorme, singer, 63; Miss Katharine Hamnett, fashion designer, 48; Mr Trevor McDonald, broadcaster, 56; Madonna (Louise Vernon Ciccione), rock singer, 37; Sir Donald Maitland, former chairman, Health Education Authority, 73; Mr Thomas Maschler, publisher, Jonathan Cape Children's Books, 62; Mr John Standing (Sir John Leon Bt), actor, 61; Professor William St Clair Symmers, pathologist, 78; Mr Jeff Thomson, cricketer, 45; Mr Arthur Walsh, chairman, National Transcommunications, 69; Sir Geoffrey Warnock, former principal, Hertford College, Oxford, 72; Sir Jack Wellings, former chairman, the 600 Group, 78; Mr Franz Welser-Most, music director, the London Philharmonic, 35; Professor Brian Woledge, Emeritus Professor of French Language and Literature, London University, 91.