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Mr Scobie Breasley, jockey, 78; Miss Teresa Brewer, actress and singer, 62; Lord Briggs, historian, 72; Mr Peter Carey, author, 50; Sir Charles Cunningham, former senior civil servant, 87; Professor Alan Cuthbert, Master of Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, 61; Sir Reay Geddes, former chairman, Dunlop, 81; Professor Robert Goodden, architect, 84; Sir James Gowans, former deputy chairman, Medical Research Council, 69; The Right Rev Robert Halliday, Bishop of Brechin, 61; Mr Robin Hanbury-Tenison, explorer and author, 57; Mr David Hatch, managing director, Network Radio BBC, 54; Mr Michael Hawkes, former deputy chairman, Kleinwort Benson, 64; Sir Lenox Hewitt, industrialist, 76; Lord Kirkhill, former Lord Provost of Aberdeen, 63; Mr David Leach, potter, 82; Mr Calum Macdonald MP, 37; Sir Basil Nield, former MP and High Court judge, 90; Dr Tony O'Reilly, chairman, president and chief executive, HJ Heinz, and rugby player, 57; Mr Richard O'Sullivan, actor, 49; Mrs Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, author, 66; Mr William Pybus, chairman, AAH Holdings, 70; Mr Christopher Saunders, headmaster, Eastbourne College, 53; Sir Arthur Snelling, former diplomat, 79; Miss Elizabeth Soderstrom, soprano, 66; Mr Clive Soley MP, 54; Mr David Tomlinson, actor, 76; Sir Alan Traill, former Lord Mayor of London, 58; Maj-Gen Henry Woods, Vice Lord-Lieutenant, North Yorkshire, 69.