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Today: Sir James Baddiley, biochemist, 75; Sir Ralph Bateman, former president, CBI, 83; Sir William Batty, former chairman, Ford Motor Co, 80; Mr David Boston, director, Horniman Museum, 62; Mr Michael Browning, actor, 63; Dame Eugenia Charles, prime minister of Dominica, 74; Mr Michael Clapham MP, 50; Mr Joseph Cotten, actor, 88; Miss Constance Cummings, actress, 83; Mr Ted Dexter, chairman, England Cricket Selectors Committee, 58; Mr Brian Eno, rock musician and composer, 45; Mr Hugh Falkus, writer and naturalist, 76; Mr Andrew Hargreaves MP, 38; Mr Richard Hough, author, 71; Mr John Lanchbery, conductor and composer, 70; Miss Barbara Lott, actress, 73; Lord McDonald, former Senator of the College of Justice in Scotland, 77; Sir Frederick Mason, former diplomat, 80; Mr Mike Oldfield, rock singer and guitarist, 40; Professor Philip Reynolds, former Vice-Chancellor, Lancaster University, 73; Mr Anthony Shaffer, playwright, 67; Mr Peter Shaffer, playwright, 67; Mr Neil Stacey, actor, 52; Mr Ralph Steadman, cartoonist, 57; Professor Sir Eric Stroud, paediatrician, 69; Sir David Trippier, former government minister, 47.

TOMORROW: Canon Reginald Askew, dean of King's College, London, 65; Mr Stuart Bell MP, 55; Mr Pierce Brosnan, actor, 42; Sir Colin Cole, Garter Principal King of Arms, 71; Mr Don Concannon, former government minister, 63; Sir Nicholas Goodison, chairman, TSB Group, 59; Mr Jimmy Hood MP, 44; Mr Roy Hudd, comedian, 57; Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, president of the Gambia, 69; Mr Geraint Jones, conductor and organist, 76; Maj-Gen Sir Desmond Langley, former Governor of Bermuda, 63; Professor Peter Levi, poet and archaeologist, 62; Mr David Maclean MP, Minister of State, Environment, 40; Mr John McWilliam MP, 52; Mr Richard Mason, author, 74; Miss Janet Maw, actress, 39; Professor Kenneth Morgan, principal, University College of Wales, Aberyswyth, 59; Professor Gareth Roberts, Vice-Chancellor, Sheffield University, 53; The Right Rev Kenneth Skelton, former Bishop of Lichfield, 75; Mr Studs Terkel, writer and interviewer, 81; Lt-Gen Sir Antony Walker, former Commandant, Royal College of Defence Studies, 59; Sir Charles Wilson, former principal, Glasgow University, 84; Sir Russell Wood, former deputy Treasurer to the Queen, 71.