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TODAY: Mr Norman Baker MP, 40; Sir Peter Carey, former chairman, Dalgety, 74; Mrs Pauline Clare, Chief Constable, Lancashire, 50; Mr Blake Edwards, film producer and director, 75; Miss Susan George, actress, 47; Mr John Howard, prime minister of Australia, 58; Mr Mick Jagger, rock singer, 54; Miss Barbara Jefford, actress, 67; Dr John Kilgour, former medical examiner, DSS, 73; Mr Stanley Kubrick, film producer and director, 69; Mr Danny La Rue, entertainer, 70; Professor James Lovelock, chemist and biologist, 78; Lord Marnoch, Senator of the College of Justice in Scotland, 59; Dr Brian Mawhinney MP, 57; Miss Helen Mirren, actress, 51; Mr Steve Oldham, cricketer, 49; Baroness Oppenheim- Barnes, former government minister, 67; Mr Lance Percival, entertainer, 64; Sir Frank Price, former chairman, British Waterways, 75; Sir Derek Riches, former diplomat, 85; Mr Jason Robards, film actor, 75; Miss Bernice Rubens, novelist, 69; Mr Jeremy Thomas, Chairman, British Film Institute, 48; Mr Malcolm Wells, former chairman, Charterhouse Japhet, 70; Dr Anne Wright, Vice-Chancellor, Sunderland University, 51.

TOMORROW: Mr Michael Ball, singer, 35; Mr Allan Border, cricketer, 42; Lord Cawley, former barrister, 84; Mr Peter Coker, artist, 71; Gp Capt John Cunningham, former Executive Director, British Aerospace, 80; Ms Roseanna Cunningham MP, 46; Miss Anna Dawson, actress and comedienne, 60; Mr Christopher Dean, skater, 39; Sir Ronald Dearing, former chairman of the Post Office, 67; Miss Jo Durie, tennis player, 37; Miss Bobbie Gentry, singer, 55; Dame Mary Green, former Headmistress, Kidbrooke School, 84; Mr Jack Higgins (Harry Patterson), novelist, 68; Lord Jenkins of Putney, former government minister, 89; Professor James McGee, Professor of Morbid Anatomy, Oxford University, 58; Sir James Munn, former Chairman, Training Commission, 77; Mr Ernie Ross MP, 55; Baroness Williams of Crosby, former President, Social Democratic Party, 67.