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TODAY: Mr Alan Beith MP, 53; Professor Derek Bowett, QC, former President, Queens' College, Cambridge, 69; Mr Michael Brandon, actor, 51; Mr Ray Brooks, actor, 57; Sir Geoffrey Chipperfield, former civil servant, 63; The Right Rev Frederick Darwent, former Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney, 69; Maj-Gen Sir Charles Dunphie, former chairman, Vickers, 94; Miss Nina Foch, actress, 72; Mr Graeme Fowler, cricketer, 39; Sir Arnold France, former chairman, Board of Inland Revenue, 85; Mr John Eliot Gardiner, conductor, 53; Mr Mauricio Gugelmin, racing driver, 33; Mr Jeremy Hayes MP, 43; Mr Paul Heiney, writer and broadcaster, 47; Miss Louise Jameson, actress, 45; Mr Andrew Jaspan, former Editor, the Observer, 44; Sir Antony Jay, author and scriptwriter, 66; Mr Eddie Kulukundis, theatrical producer, 64; Miss Jessica Lange, actress, 47; Mr Nick Lyndhurst, actor, 35; Mr Ryan O'Neal, actor, 55; Mr Rodger Pannone, solicitor, and former President of the Law Society of England and Wales, 53; Mr Leslie Phillips, actor, 72; Mr Eric Pickles MP, 44; Sir John Quicke, agriculturist, 74; Mr Richard Rhodes, Headmaster, Rossall School, Lancashire, 54; Mr Christopher Robinson, organist and director of music, St John's College, Cambridge, 60; Mr Peter Snow, broadcaster, 58; Miss Jean Southworth QC, Chairman, Police Discipline Appeals Tribunal, 70; Mr Gerry Steinberg MP, 51; Mr Luther Vandross, soul singer, 45; Air Marshal Sir Richard Wakeford, 74; Mr Henry Wrong, Director, European Arts Foundation, 66.

TOMORROW: The Queen, 70; Professor Gerald Benney, goldsmith and silversmith, 66; Mr Ian Bruce, Director-General, Royal National Institute for the Blind, 51; Sir George Burton, former chairman, Fisons, 80; Mr Laurence Ellis, former Rector, Edinburgh Academy, 64; Mrs Cheryl Gillan MP, 44; Air Marshal Sir John Hunter-Tod, 79; Sir Robin Ibbs, chairman, Lloyds Bank, 70; Mr Bernard Latham, actor, 45; Mr John McCabe, composer and pianist, 57; Mr Tony Macaulay, popular composer, 52; Mr Ronald Magill, actor, 76; Dr Halfdan Mahler, Emeritus Director-general, WHO, 73; Mr Iain Mills MP, 56; Miss Angela Mortimer (Barrett), tennis player, 64; Mr John Mortimer QC, author and playwright, 73; Sir Geoffrey Palmer, former Prime Minister of New Zealand, 54; Mr Ben Patterson, former MEP, 57; Mr Anthony Quinn, actor, 81; The Right Rev Donald Snelgrove, former Bishop Suffragan of Hull, 71; Maj-Gen Sir John Swinton, Lord-Lieutenant of Berwickshire, 71; Mr Srinivas Venkataraghavan, cricketer, 50.


TODAY: Births: Pietro Aretino, satirist, 1492; Adolf Hitler, dictator, 1889; Harold Lloyd, film comedian, 1893; Joan Mir, painter, 1893; Sir Donald Wolfit, actor-manager, 1902. Deaths: Antonio (Canale) Canaletto, painter, 1768; Abraham (Bram) Stoker, theatre manager and author of Dracula, 1912; William Sansom, author, 1976. On this day: Jacques Cartier, navigator, reached the coast of Labrador, 1534; Oliver Cromwell dissolved the Long Parliament, 1653; the Siege of Londonderry began, 1689; Captain James Cook discovered New South Wales, 1770; the electron microscope was first demonstrated, 1940; Soviet troops entered Berlin, 1945; Pierre Trudeau became Prime Minister of Canada, 1968; President Richard Nixon announced that 150,000 troops would be withdrawn from Vietnam, 1970. Today is the Feast Day of St Agnes of Montepulciano, St Caedwalla, St Hildegund, St Marcellinus of Embrun, St Marcian or Marian of Auxerre and St Peter of Verona.

TOMORROW: Births: Lodovico Carracci, painter, 1555; Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel, educationist, 1782; Reginald Heber, hymn-writer, 1783; Charlotte Bronte, novelist, 1816. Deaths: Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens), novelist, 1910; Baron Manfried von Richthofen, aviator, killed in action 1918; Marie Corelli (Mary Mackay), author, 1924; Eleonora Duse, actress, 1924; Robert Seymour Bridges, poet, 1930; John Maynard Keynes, first Baron Keynes, economist, 1946; Sir Richard Stafford Cripps, statesman, 1952; Francois Duvalier (``Papa Doc''), President of Haiti, 1971. On this day: the City of Rome was founded (traditional date), 753 BC; Baber founded the Mogul Empire in India, 1526; Sir James Thomas Knowles founded the Metaphysical Society, 1869; the Canadian North-West Mounted Police were established, 1873; the world's first jet-liner service was begun by BOAC flying Comets between London and Rome, 1952; the US Air Force flew a French battalion to Vietnam to defend Dien Bien Phu, 1954; a military junta took over the government of Greece, 1967. Today is the Feast Day of St Anastasius I of Antioch, St Anselm of Canterbury, St Beuno, St Conrad of Parzham, St Malrubius or Maelrubha and St Simeon Barsabas and Others.



Tate Gallery: Lawrence Bradbury, ``Cezann-ism in England'', 1pm. Anna Gruetzner Robins, ``Cezanne and England'', 3.30pm.

National Portrait Gallery: Valerie Holman, ``Varieties of Celebrity in the 20th Century'', 3pm.


Tate Gallery: Laurence Bradbury, ``Model Painters'', 2.30pm.

National Portrait Gallery: Mary Connatty, ``Family Group Portraits, 1590- 1800'', 3pm.