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Miss Patti Andrews, singer (of the Andrews Sisters), 76; Mr Patrick Bailey, former director, Gatwick and Stansted Airports, 71; Mr Paul Bailey, novelist, 59; Mr Jeremy Bulloch, actor, 51; Professor Robin Clark, Sir William Ramsay Professor of Chemistry, University College, London, 61; Mrs Stella Clarke, chairman of council, Bristol University, 64; Mr Frederick Cuming, painter, 66; Sir Anthony Dowell, Senior Principal and Director of the Royal Ballet, 53; Mr David Griffiths, portrait painter, 57; Mr Peter Hain MP, 46; Mr Peter Hobday, radio presenter, 59; Mr Mike Holding, cricketer, 42; Mr Eliahu Inbal, conductor, 59; Mr Ian Lavender, actor, 50; Professor Jack Levy, engineer, 70; Mr John McEnroe, tennis player, 37; Sir Maitland Mackie, farmer and former Lord-Lieutenant of Aberdeenshire, 84; Gerard Mansell, former Deputy-Director of the BBC, 75; Sir Michael Milne-Watson, former industrialist, 86; Mr John Moore, Headmaster, St Dunstan's College, Catford, 53; M Francois-Xavier Ortoli, former EEC Vice-President, Economic and Financial Affairs, 71; Mr Peter Porter, author and poet, 67; Mr John Schlesinger, film director, 70; Sir James Swaffield, former director-general and clerk to the GLC, 72; Mr Andy Taylor, rock guitarist, 35; Sir Peter Webster, former High Court judge, 72.


Births: Giambattista Bodoni, printer and typographer, 1740; Sir Francis Galton, anthropologist and geneticist, 1822; Henry Brooks Adams, historian, 1838; Ludwig Philipp Scharwenka, composer, 1847; Sir William Gurney Benham, editor and newspaper proprietor, 1859; George Macaulay Trevelyan, historian, 1876; Sir Geraint Evans, operatic baritone, 1922. Deaths: Henry Deane, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1503; Richard Mead, royal physician, 1754; Pierre- Paul Prud'hon, painter, 1823; James Harvey Robinson, historian, 1936; Sir Isaac Leslie Hore-Belisha, first Baron Hore-Belisha, statesman, 1957; Henry Cabot Lodge, statesman, 1985. On this day: France invaded Spain, 1808; the Athenaeum Club, London, was founded, 1824; a fire broke out at Windsor Castle, 1865; the Fianna Fail party, led by Eamon de Valera, won the Irish general election, 1932; Fidel Castro became prime minister of Cuba, 1959; the US nuclear submarine Triton set off on an underwater round-the-world trip, 1960; the first London production of Fiddler on the Roof took place, 1967. Today is the Feast Day of Saints Elias, Jeremy and their Companions, St Gilbert of Sempringham, St Juliana of Cumae and St Onesimus the Slave.