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Mr Michael Attenborough, executive producer, Royal Shakespeare Company, 46; Dr David Atterton, chairman, Guinness Mahon Holdings, 69; Mr David Banks, Editorial Director, Mirror Group Newspapers, 48; Miss Caroline Blakiston, actress, 63; Mr Liam Brady, footballer, 40; Professor Derek Burke, former Vice-Chancellor, University of East Anglia, 66; Mr John Butcher MP, 50; Miss Jacqueline Clarke, actress, 54; Dr John Clayton, former Apothecary to HM Household, Windsor, 75; Miss Margaret Collins, former Matron-in-Chief, QARNNS, 69; Mr Gareth Davies, Chairman and Chief Executive, Glynwed International, 66; Mr Brian Deacon, actor, 47; Miss Eileen Farrell, soprano, 76; Baroness Flather, Vice-Chairman, Refugee Council, 62; Mr Peter Gabriel, musician, 46; Dr David Hessayon, horticultural author, 68; Lord Lewis of Newnham, Warden of Robinson College, Cambridge, 68; Mr John McAllion MP, 48; Mr Gordon McMaster MP, 36; Miss Kim Novak, actress, 63; Mr Leonard Pascoe, cricketer, 46; Lord Peyton of Yeovil, former government minister, 77; Lord Pym, former government minister, 74; Mr Oliver Reed, actor, 58; Miss Margaretta Scott, actress, 84; Mr George Segal, actor, 62; M Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber, author, engineer and politician, 72; Mr Donald Sumpter, actor, 53; Dr Donald Sykes, former Principal, Mansfield College, Oxford, 66.


Births: Lord Randolph Henry Spencer Churchill, politician, 1849; Eleanor Farjeon, writer, 1881; Georges Simenon, novelist, 1901. Deaths: Catherine Howard, fifth wife of Henry VIII, executed 1542; Wilhelm Richard Wagner, composer, 1883; Dame Christabel Harriette Pankhurst, suffragette, 1958; Jean Renoir, film director, 1979. On this day: the Glencoe Massacre took place, when the Campbells murdered the Macdonalds, 1692; Asiatic cholera first appeared in Limehouse and Rotherhithe, London, 1832; Alexander Solzhenitsyn was expelled from the Soviet Union, 1974. Today is the Feast Day of St Catherine dei Ricci, St Ermenilda or Ermengild, St Licinius or Lesin, St Martinian the Hermit, St Modomnoc, St Polyeuctes of Melitene and St Stephen of Rieti.