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TODAY: Dr Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin, astronaut, 66; Mr Tom Baker, actor, 60; Mr George Burns, comedian and actor, 100; Sir John Chadwick, High Court judge, 55; The Very Rev David Edwards, Provost Emeritus of Southwark Cathedral, 67; Lord Ewing of Kirkford, former MP, 65; Sir Henry Fisher, former President, Wolfson College, Oxford, 78; Miss Liza Goddard, actress, 46; Lord Hanson, industrialist, 74; Major Dick Hern, racehorse trainer, 75; Commandant Vonla McBride, former Director, WRNS, 75; Mr Christopher Martin-Jenkins, radio sports commentator, 51; Miss Patricia Neal, actress, 70; Mr Natan Shcharansky, Soviet dissident, 48; Mr Eric Stewart, rock guitarist, 51; Mr Curtis Strange, golfer, 41; Professor Nalin Chandra Wickramasinghe, astronomer, 57; Mr Nigel Williams, novelist, 48; Mr John Witherow, Editor, the Sunday Times, 44.

TOMORROW: Dr Alan Borg, Director, Victoria and Albert Museum, 54; Dr John Burnett, former Principal, Edinburgh University, 74; Dr Rohan Butler, historian, 79; Dr David Carey, joint Registrar, Faculty Office, Archbishop of Canterbury, 79; Lord Cayzer, company chairman, 86; The Rev John Coventry, former Master, St Edmund's House, Cambridge, 81; Mr John Denison, former general manager, Royal Festival Hall, 85; Mr Placido Domingo, operatic tenor, 55; Mr George Foulkes MP, 54; Dr John Hayes, former Director, National Portrait Gallery, 67; Mr Kenneth Maginnis MP, 58; Sir George Humphrey Middleton, former diplomat, 86; Mr Jack Nicklaus, golfer, 56; Sir Nicholas Phillips, High Court judge, 58; Miss Seona Reid, Director, Scottish Arts Council, 46; Mr Paul Scofield, actor, 74; Mr Martin Shaw, actor, 51; Mr Aubrey Singer, former Deputy Director-General, BBC, 69; Rear-Admiral Sir Richard Trowbridge, 76; Mr Laurence Whistler, glass-engraver and writer, 84; Mr Norman Willis, former General Secretary of the TUC, 63.