Birthdays and anniversaries

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Sir Anthony Barrowclough QC, former Ombudsman, 73; Mr Jeff Beck, blues and rock guitarist, 53; Viscount Bledisloe QC, 63; Lord Braine of Wheatley, former MP, 83; M Claude Chabrol, film director, 67; Mr Robin Cutler, former Director-General, Forestry Commission, 63; Mr Garfield Davies, trade union leader, 62; Mrs Anita Desai, novelist, 60; Mr Roger Dobson, Director-General, Institution of Civil Engineers, 61; Mr Jack Dunnett, former President, Football League, 75; Professor Kenneth Durrands, former Vice- Chancellor and Rector, Huddersfield University, 68; Mr Mick Fleetwood, rock musician, 55; Professor Sir Fred Hoyle, astronomer and science fiction writer, 82; Miss Betty Jackson, fashion designer, 48; Sir Edward Jackson, former diplomat, 72; Mr John McCormick, Controller, BBC Scotland, 53; Mrs Emma McKendrick, Headmistress, the Royal School, Bath, 34; Mr Owen Paterson MP, 41; Professor John Postgate, microbiologist, 75; Miss Mary Wesley, writer, 84; Sir John Whitford, former High Court judge, 84.


Births: St John of the Cross, mystic, 1542; Farinelli (Carlo Broschi), castrato singer, 1705; William Henry (W.H.) Smith, bookseller and politician, 1825; Jack Dempsey, boxer, 1895; Brian Alexander Johnston, broadcaster, 1912. Deaths: Lucrezia Borgia, Duchess of Ferrara, 1519. On this day: Robert the Bruce and his army defeated the forces of Edward II at Bannockburn, 1314; the Mother Grand Lodge of the Order of Freemasonry was inaugurated in London, 1717; the Mersey Tunnel was opened, 1971. Today is the Feast Day of St Bartholomew of Farne, St John the Baptist, St Ralph or Raoul of Bourges and St Simplicius of Autun.


National Gallery: Alexander Sturgis, "Late of the Tate (iv): Gauguin", 1pm.

Victoria and Albert Museum: Sally Dormer, "Mother of God: images of the Virgin in medieval art", 2.30pm.

National Portrait Gallery: Louise Leates, "Thomas Jenkins (1722-98): painter, art dealer and banker to the Grand Tourists", 1.10pm.

RIBA Architecture Centre, London W1: Nicholas Grimshaw, "Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners", 6.30pm.

Institute of Economic Affairs, London SW1: Professor Lawrence Mead, "Workfare: lessons for Britain?", 6.30pm.