Birthdays and Anniversaries

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The Right Rev Edwin Barnes, Bishop Suffragan of Richborough, 62; Mr Mike Batt, composer and arranger, 47; Rabbi Lionel Blue, broadcaster, 67; Mr Nicholas Brett, Editor, Radio Times, 47; Sir Denys Buckley, former Lord Justice of Appeal, 91; Mr Peter Cadbury, chairman, Preston Publications Ltd, 79; Mr John Flemming, Warden, Wadham College, Oxford, 56; Miss Zsa Zsa Gabor, actress, 77; Dr Christopher Hill, former Master, Balliol College, Oxford, 85; Miss Gayle Hunnicutt, actress, 54; Professor Nevil Johnson, former Reader in the Comparative Study of Institutions, Oxford University, 68; Mr Patrick McNee, actor, 75; Mr George Mudie MP, 52; Mr Denis Norden, writer and broadcaster, 75; Mr Ronald Reagan, former US President, 86; Mr Mark Sheldon, solicitor, and former president, Law Society of England and Wales, 66; Mr Jimmy Tarbuck, comedian, 57; Mr Fred Trueman, cricketer, 66; Mr Keith Waterhouse, writer, 68; Mr Kevin Whately, actor, 46.


Births: Christopher Marlowe, playwright, 1564; Mrs Isabella Mary Beeton (Mayson), writer, 1865; Francois Truffaut, film director, 1932. Deaths: King Charles II, 1685; Lancelot "Capability" Brown, landscape gardener, 1783; Gustav Klimt, painter, 1918; Arthur Ashe, tennis player, 1993. On this day: an Act of Parliament granted votes for women over 30, 1918; Queen Elizabeth II succeeded to the throne, 1952; seven members of the Manchester United football team were among 21 killed in an air crash at Munich, 1958; agreement was reached between Britain and France on a Channel Tunnel, 1964. Today is the National Day of New Zealand and the Feast Day of St Amand, St Guarinus of Palestrina, St Hildegund, Saints Mel and Melchu, St Paul Miki and his Companions and St Vedast or Vaast.