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Mr William Baillie, President, Royal Scottish Academy, 73; The Most Rev Luigi Barbarito, Apostolic Pro-Nuncio, 74; Miss Sue Barker, tennis player, 40; Mr Algy Cluff, chairman and chief executive, Cluff Resources, 56; Mr Tim Curry, actor, 50; Mr Glyn England, former chairman, Windcluster Ltd, 75; Sir Cyril English, educationalist, 83; Mr Trevor Francis, footballer, 42; Dr Norman Godman MP, 58; Sir Denis Henry, a Lord Justice of Appeal, 65; Sir John Horlock, Professor of Engineering and Treasurer, the Royal Society, 68; Mrs Margo MacDonald, broadcaster, 52; Mr Dudley Moore, actor, 61; Mr Garfield Morgan, actor, 65; Mr Hugh O'Brian, actor, 71; Mr Jonathan Owen Jones MP, 42; Mr Murray Perahia, pianist, 49; Mr Alan Price, singer, 54; Sir John Roch, a Lord Justice of Appeal, 62; M Michel Roux, chef de cuisine, 55; Mr Peter Scott QC, 61; Mr Wilf Stevenson, Director, British Film Institute, 49; The Hon Michael Trend MP, 44; Mr John Watts MP, 49; Miss Ruby Wax, actress, writer and television presenter, 43; Mr Andrew Welsh MP, 52; Mr Philip Wroughton, Lord-Lieutenant for Berkshire, 63.


Births: David Ricardo, economist, 1772; Lucien Levy-Bruhl, philosopher, 1857; Sydney Francis Barnes, cricketer, 1873; Richard Arthur Warren Hughes, novelist, 1900; Jayne Mansfield (Vera Jayne Palmer), actress, 1933. Deaths: Philipp Melanchthon (Schwarzerd), church reformer, 1560; Paolo Veronese (Cagliari), painter, 1588; George Gordon Noel, Lord Byron, poet, 1824; Sir Robert Smirke, architect, 1867; Owen Jones, architect, 1874; Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield, statesman and novelist, 1881; Charles Robert Darwin, biologist, 1882; Sir Henry John Newbolt, poet and author, 1938; Konrad Adenauer, statesman, 1967; Frankie Howerd (Francis Alex Howard), comedian, 1993. On this day: Sir Francis Drake sailed into the harbour of Cadiz and sank the Spanish fleet at harbour; this he called ''singeing the King of Spain's beard'', 1587; Prince Rainier III of Monaco married Grace Kelly, actress, 1956; Bangladesh was admitted to the Commonwealth, 1972. Today is the Feast Day of St Alphege or Elphege of Canterbury, St Expeditus, St Geroldus and St Leo IX, Pope.