Bjork on why she is not into normcore sexuality

'I just don’t find the kind of Las Vegas corset-and-fishnet-stockings thing very sexy,' says the singer

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Björk has spoken candidly about her sexual desires and revealed she is not into “normcore” sexuality.

The 50-year-old Icelandic artist, who has received widespread critical acclaim for her innovative and imaginative music, explained that she was not attracted to traditional “corset-and-fishnet-stockings” tropes of sexuality.

Björk said she did not find urban brothels attractive and was more interested in the beauty of the natural world.

“I like a lot of erotic books and films but I just don’t find the kind of Las Vegas corset-and-fishnet-stockings thing very sexy,” she told the Evening Standard. “It’s a bit mediocre, norm-core”. 

Normcore is a portmanteau of the words “normal” and “hardcore” and refers to a unisex fashion trend characterised by bland, unpretentious, normal-clothing clothes.

“I like bestiality. I get turned on by nature," Björk added. "I don’t find urban brothel situations very hot. But that’s just my taste... like, National Geographic porn.”

After the interviewer brought up her own crush on David Attenborough, whom Björk made a documentary with back in 2013, the singer laughed saying: “I’m probably more into the animals.”

The musician also suggested there had been a new wave of feminism in recent years which had made her realise that now was the right time to vent her frustrations about gender inequality.

“My mum’s generation was really good in the 1970s with protesting,” she said. “Then for my generation, the best proof that women can do what they want, was just to go out and get things done. That’s always been the best way for me to be a strong woman. But in the past three or four years, there’s been a new wave of feminism, especially with girls in their 20s. I thought: 'Okay, now is the time to moan.'"

The multi-award winning singer who has been hailed as “the most important and forward-looking musician of her generation” is reported to have sold between 20 and 40 million records worldwide as of 2015.