Geezer Butler's bar-fight arrest pales in significance when compared to other Black Sabbath antics

Butler may be a hell-raiser, but it's no big deal compared to Ozzy and co's most outrageous moments

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Geezer Butler, bassist for notorious party band Black Sabbath, was arrested in a bar in Death Valley National Park, California.

The 65-year-old musician was charged with misdemeanour assault, public intoxication and vandalism after a person was hit and a window broken.

Butler was released after "detox and citation", according to Inyo County Sheriff's Office.

But this is far from the most dangerous incident in Sabbath's history. Here's a selection of the band's most shocking moments.

Meeting striptease

In 1981, during a meeting with CBS in Germany to discuss Ozzy Osbourne's solo album Blizzard of Ozz, Ozzy injected fun into proceedings by kissing an executive on the lips, stripping, goose-stepping to the end of the table and urinating in a wine glass.


Blowing up Richard Branson's fish

Guitarist Tony Iommi exploded Richard Branson's prize carp with fireworks. In an attempt to destroy a marquee as a practical joke while recording Born Again in 1983 at Branson's The Manor Studios in Oxfordshire, the band ended up detonating part of Branson's private lake, killing and maiming some of the billionaire's fish. Iommi said: "He was not happy at all."

The Alamo incident

While wearing wife Sharon Osbourne's dress, Ozzy was found intoxicated and urinating on a Texas cenotaph in memory of those who died fighting in a battle in 1863. He was arrested and banned from San Antonio, Texas, for 10 years.

Drug raid

Police raided Iommi's flat in 1968 and found cannabis resin, which led to a fine and a two-year conditional discharge.

Attempted murder

In 1989, at the peak of his drug and alcohol abuse, Ozzy tried to kill his Sharon. "I woke up smashed out of my brains, charged with attempted murder," he reveals. "I was like: 'Who the f**k did I try and kill?' The policeman read the charge sheet: 'Sharon Rachel Osbourne'."