Bob Geldof launches Band Aid Ebola challenge, takes fundraising to questionable heights

The singer introduces a new initiative which may or may not go viral

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Bob Geldof has launched his own version of the Ice Bucket Challenge in order to promote his charity single, “Do They Know It’s Christmas”.

In a move that may be met with sighs from his critics, the Boomtown Rats frontman has recorded (weirdly enough, from a train) a video message kicking off his new campaigning strategy.

He sings Bono’s controversial, recently -amended, version from the track then asks “the creme de la creme of British acting” - Damien Lewis, Dominic West and Richard E. Grant to do the same. If they choose not to take heed his challenge within 24 hours, Geldof says they will each face a £100 forfeit.

“I’m doing this to help raise awareness this Christmas about the fight against the Ebola Virus,” he said.

“Find out more about the cause and make a donation, as I have, at or text AID to 70707 to give £10 (UK Only).”

Those who think they could do a better job than Bono (many presumably) at singing “Tonight I’m reaching out and touching you” should record their rendition, nominate three friends to do the same. Each person is asked to donate £10 to the cause.

Those who reject the challenge are optimistically required to pay a £100 forfeit.

Bob Geldof recently told Band Aid critics to “f**k off” after Ebola nurse William Pooley said the single was “cringeworthy” and “culturally ignorant”.

The musician said Pooley, who survived Ebola and flew back to Sierra Leone to help fight the disease, needed to calm down.

“Please. It's a pop song. Relax,” he said.