Boris Johnson can’t resist tackling an opponent, even if it’s a nine-year-old child

Mayor of London sparks shouts of ‘Ref!’ in South Bank kickabout

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Boris Johnson has done it again. The man who once took down a German footballer with a wild, Rugby-esque tackle that sent the both players flying, has proved that he will stop at nothing to get the ball.

In his latest feat of bravado, Mayor Johnson successfully tackled a nine-year-old boy, deftly sticking his foot out at the very moment the boy attempted to dribble past him with the football, as part of a promotional match on the grass outside of City Hall.

Onlookers shouted “Ref!” as the nine-year-old fell to the ground, and Mr Johnson held up his hands in apology. The boy then gallantly jumped up, brushed himself off and carried on playing.

The light-hearted football game was reportedly part of a photo-call for a new health report for London, and carried on as normal after the incident.

The tackle was not as brutal as Mr Johnson’s play in the 2006 Legends charity game against Germany at Reading’s Madejski’s stadium however, when he ran head-first into Maurizio Gaudino, in a move that sent them both tumbling on the grass.