Boris Johnson wades into mid-air on-flight row involving 'head butt incident'

Johnson came to the rescue as a passenger had to be restrained during a flight

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He may be an unlikely superhero, but Boris Johnson attempted to diffuse an incident that broke out on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to London.  

Johnson was travelling back from a tour in the Far East when a passenger, described as “off his face” by one of the Mayor’s delegates, became angry and violent. He was restrained by the crew.

Delegate Eileen Burbridge praised the on-flight crew for their “professionalism” on Twitter. She also noted that there had been a “head-butt incident”.

Johnson was apparently among those to gallantly help calm the situation. Perhaps he waved his mane of hair in a hypnotic fashion or spoke at length about the tyranny of US taxes. However, whatever tactic he employed failed to work.

“The Mayor along with a number of other passengers and members of the cabin crew did make several attempts to calm the gentleman concerned but to no avail,” the Mayor's office said in a statement.

Police arrested the 43-year-old male passenger at Heathrow at 6am on suspicion of being drunk and for alleged assault.

One of the cabin crew is thought to have been injured during the incident.