Bradley Cooper branded a 'hassle' by Londoners

In a typically demonstration of Londoner grouchiness, Leicester Square workers lament the presence of the Hollywood actor

Londoners aren’t known for their jolliness, but the presence of Bradley Cooper has apparently struck a particularly angry chord.

The actor is in the capital filming Adam Jones – a film about an enfant terrible Michelin-starred chef – with Leicester Square as one of the locations.

But far from being pleased to see an aesthetically-pleasing Hollywood actor roam the streets, those who work in the area have reportedly found his appearance a massive inconvenience.

“People who go to work in the area have been complaining about producers telling them they can't walk in certain places as they keep re-shooting scenes of Bradley in the street,” a source was quoted by the Mirror as saying.

Cooper, it seems, has been quite the nuisance, having allegedly disrupted the daily routines of local workers - not that this has been confirmed anyone other than a "source".

"It's making people late for work and tempers have been lost," the source continued. "At first it was just exciting to have Bradley in the area. Now it's just a hassle."

So easy does it Cooper, please desist causing tardiness and the workers of Leicester Square may, if you’re fortunate, stop calling you a "hassle".