Brian Blessed 'intimidates' London commuters into buying poppies

The actor with London's biggest voice shows his support to Royal British Legion’s London Poppy Day

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Brian Blessed’s booming voice has woken up London commuters this morning as he calls to the city’s residents to mark Royal British Legion’s London Poppy Day today.

The actor’s considerably loud voice could be heard across speakers of London transport this morning, one of numerous high-profile names to support the cause, including Joanna Lumley, Stephen Fry, Barbara Windsor and Arsene Wenger.

In fact, a team of Premiership footballers, including John Terry, will make announcements at stations near their respective grounds for today only.

While not many could find it in themselves to complain about Fry or Windsor’s involvement, Blessed’s bellowing early morning wake-up call was a little overpowering for some social media users.

Some reminded the actor that there should be no talking on public transport, while another said his presence was mildly intimidating.

However, roaring or not, some (one) were quietly pleased:

Blessed and Boris Johnson started their appeal for poppy-buying earlier this week at Liverpool Street Station, urging the public to make a donation. Blessed bellowed, Boris looked tired.

Intimidating or not, it's all for a good cause. To donate money for Poppy Appeal
click here.