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RECENTLY I reported on Bobby Levin's double success in the Cavendish Auction Pairs. Personally I prefer to battle with Bobby across the tennis net rather than the bridge table, although he's no slouch at that game either. Here he was in action in last year's Spingold in the US.

In the other room his team-mates had been doubled in Four Hearts, which made.

At Levin's table, opposed by the Polish stars Adam Zmudzinski and Cesary Balicki, the bidding had been more revealing. Steve Weinstein, sitting North, opened One Diamond. East doubled and South, Levin, bid One Spade. West bid Three Spades, which showed a spade shortage and agreed hearts. East bid Four Hearts; Levin Four Spades; West Five Hearts and Levin Five Spades, which was doubled by West to end the auction.

It was West's bid of Three Spades, coupled with East's take-out double that alerted Levin to the possibility that possession of two aces, even in conjunction with his partner's opening bid, might not be enough to defeat Four Hearts, or even Five.

West cashed the ace of clubs and continued with the king, which Levin ruffed. He entered dummy with a diamond and led the queen of spades, covered by East and won by South. Re-entering dummy with a heart ruff Levin played dummy's last spade. East took his jack and Levin won the heart return with his ace, drew the outstanding trumps and ran the diamonds. Eleven tricks and a double doubled game swing to his team.

East West game;

dealer West


4Q 6 5


#A K Q J 9 5

2J 9 6 4

West East

4Void 4K J 8 4

!J 8 6 5 4 3 !K Q 10 7

#6 4 3 #8

2A K 5 2 2Q 10 8 7


4A 10 9 7 3 2

!A 9 2

#10 7 2