British Academy

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The British Academy has announced the following elections:

President: Sir Keith Thomas.

Officers of the Academy: Dr EA Wrigley, Treasurer; Professor JB Trapp, Foreign Secretary; Professor DE Luscombe, Publications Secretary; Professor TJ Smiley, Secretary for Postgraduate Studies.

Fellows: Professor AJ Ashworth (King's College London), law; Dr P. Beal, Assistant Director, Manuscripts, Sotheby's, English bibliography; Dr M. Bent (Oxford University), musicology; Professor JA Bossy (York University), history; Professor MM Bowie (Oxford University), French; Dr R. Cooper (Edinburgh University), linguistics; Dr EJ Craig (Cambridge University), philosophy; Professor CIE Donaldson (Edinburgh University), English; Professor RJ Evans (Birkbeck College, London University), German history; Dr PDA Garnsey (Cambridge University), ancient history; Professor R. Gray (Essex University), American literature; Professor AG Guest (King's College London), law; Dr JF Harris (Oxford University), history; Mr JD Hawkins (SOAS, London University), oriental studies; Professor GA Hosking (SSEES, London University), Russian history; Professor RM Jones (University of Wales), Welsh; Professor A. Karmiloff- Smith (MRC Cognitive Development Unit), developmental psychology; Professor P. Langford (Oxford University), history; Professor DM MacDowell (Glasgow University), classics; Professor MM McGowan (Sussex University), French; Professor AF McPherson, (Edinburgh University), sociology; Professor SJ Nickell (Oxford University), economics; Dr O. O'Neill (Cambridge University), political philosophy; Dr MB Parkes (Oxford University), English; Professor DJ Parkin (SOAS, London University), anthropology; Mr JN Postgate (Cambridge University), archaeology; Miss SMG Reynolds (Oxford University), history; Professor AS Skinner (Glasgow University), economic history; Professor N. Stern (LSE), economics; Professor R. Strohm (King's College London), musicology; Professor HGM Williamson (Oxford University), theology.

Senior Fellows: Professor RM Hatton (formerly LSE), history; Professor IG Kidd (formerly St Andrews University), classics; Professor AC Lloyd (formerly Liverpool University), philosophy; Professor RA Oliver (formerly SOAS, London University), history; Mr G. Reynolds (formerly Victoria and Albert Museum), history of art.

Corresponding Fellows: Professor MB Emeneau (USA), linguistics; Professor O. Hufton (Italy), history; Professor Dr R. Kannicht (Germany), classics; Dr ID Levin (Russia), literature; Professor WR Louis (USA), history; Dr Ma Chengyuan (China), archaeology; Professor H. Mommsen (Germany), history; Professor SA Moralejo (Spain), history of art; Professor Dr. WU Pannenberg (Germany), theology; Dr KF Pantzer (USA), bibliography; Mr J. Richardson (USA), history of art; Professor RA Stein (France), oriental studies; Professor JE Stiglitz (USA), economics; Professor B. Stroud (USA), philosophy; Professor Dr H. Wysling (Switzerland), literature.

Honorary Fellow: Lord Jenkins of Hillhead.


Burkitt Medal for Biblical Studies: Professor O. Kaiser.

Derek Allen Prize in Numismatics: Professor J. Lafaurie.

Gollancz Prize: Dr P. Sims-Williams.

Graham Clark Medal: Professor S. Piggott FBA.

Kenyon Medal: Sir Kenneth Dover, FBA.

Rosemary Crawshay Prizes: Ms B. Rosenbaum for Index of Literary Manuscripts, volume iv, part 2: Hardy to Lamb; Dr Margaret Reynolds for her edition of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Aurora Leigh.

Serena Medal: Professsor GA Holmes, FBA.