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The British Academy has announced the following elections:

President: Sir Anthony Kenny.

Officers of the Academy: Dr EA Wrigley, Treasurer; Professor JB Trapp, Foreign Secretary; Professor DE Luscombe, Publications Secretary; Professor TJ Smiley, Secretary for Postgraduate Studies.

Future President: Sir Keith Thomas, to come into office in July 1993.

Fellows: Dr JN Adams, Classical studies (Manchester University); Professor CE Bosworth, Islamic studies (Manchester University); Professor NFR Crafts, economics (Warwick University); Professor WE Davies, history (London University); Sir Geoffrey de Bellaigue, Surveyor of the Queen's Works of Art; Dr AI Doyle, palaeography and rare books (Durham University); Dr RP Duncan-Jones, ancient history (Cambridge University); Professor P. Haggett, geography (Bristol University); Dr AF Heath, sociology (Oxford University); Dr RG Hood, criminology (Oxford University); Professor RA Hudson, linguistics (London University); Professor JI Israel, history (London University); Mr BJ Kemp, Egyptology (Cambridge University); Professor MA King, economics (London University); Professsor M. Kinkead- Weekes, English (University of Kent); Professor CNJ Mann, Renaissance studies (London University); Professor PJ Marshall, history (London University); Dr HMRE Mayr- Harting, history (Oxford University); Professor MI Podro, art history (Essex University); Dr AW Raitt, French literature (Oxford University); Professor R. Rose, political science (Strathclyde University); Mr WL St Clair, literature; Dr GC Stone, Linguistics (Oxford University); Professor SR Sutherland, theology (London University); Professor RG Swinburne, theology (Oxford University); Mr EP Thompson, history; Professor CJG Wright, philosophy (St Andrews University).

Senior Fellows: Professor JH Burns, political thought (formerly London University); Professor DH Green, medieval German (formerly Cambridge University); Mr ARA Hobson, bibliographical historian; Professor TW Hutchison, economics (formerly Birmingham University); Dr HM Pelling, history (formerly Cambridge University); Professor DS Thomson, Celtic studies (formerly Glasgow University).

Corresponding Fellows: Professor JW Baldwin, history (US); Professor A. Beteille, sociology and anthropology (India); Professor V. Branca, Italian literature (Italy); Professor JB Duroselle, history (France); Professor Frykman, literature (Sweden); Professor JS Held, art history (US); Professor E. Jeuneau, theology (France and Canada); Professor L. Kalinowski, art history (Poland); Professor CP Kindleberger, economics (USA); Profesor P. Ladefoged, linguistics (US); Professor DK Lewis, philosophy (US); Professor AA Long, Classics (US): Professor WA Meeks, theology (US); Professor H. Muller-Karpe, archaeology (Germany); Professor JD North, history (Netherlands); Professor JM Price, history (US); Professor F. Rico, medieval and Renaissance literature (Spain); Professor F. Rosenthal, Near Eastern languages and literature (US): Professor Dr R. Smend, theology (Germany); Professor MN Srinivas, social anthropology (India); Professor FB Vischer, law (Switzerland).


Burkitt Medal for Biblical Studies: Dr E. Bammel.

Derek Allen Prize for Musicology: Mr D. Cairns (for Berlioz, volume 1: the making of an artist).

Rose Mary Crawshay Prize: Dr Antonia Forster (for Book Reviews in England 1749-1774).

Serena Medal: Dr JIR Montagu.