Caitlyn Jenner car crash: Driver who died in collision sued by surviving passengers for $18.5m

Five passengers are reportedly suing the dead woman's estate for $18.5m

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The driver who was killed in a vehicle pile-up involving Caitlyn Jenner is reportedly being sued by other passengers involved in the crash.

Kim Howe died in the collision in February. She was driving a Lexus when Ms Jenner’s Escalade car collided with it from behind. Ms Howe’s vehicle was then pushed into oncoming traffic, including a Hummer.

The five people who were travelling in the Hummer are now suing the dead woman’s estate, TMZ reports. They have reportedly claimed $18.5 million in damages, accusing Ms Howe of negligent driving.

The group are reported to be suing Ms Jenner for the same amount. She has previously rejected claims that her driving constituted negligence.

Prosecutors are also currently considering whether to pursue a “vehicular manslaughter charge” in relation to Ms Jenner for her role in the collision.

The former Olympic athlete and advocate for transgender rights released a statement expressing her condolences to the family after the incident, which she described as a “devastating tragedy".

Her statement said: “I cannot pretend to imagine what this family is going through at this time. I am praying for them."

A hearing for the civil case against her will take place on 4 September.