Carol Vorderman explains how she injured herself during naked treadmill incident

The Countdown host had to be treated for burns and grazes to her arms and legs

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Carol Vorderman has explained how she injured herself while exercising naked on a treadmill.

The former Countdown presenter suffered burns to her upper and lower body after taking a tumble while running on a treadmill.

Vorderman was left trapped in a narrow space between the treadmill and a wall in her home, writing on Twitter: “It's hilarious. Pain? I fell off a treadmill running naked (don't ask). Now covered in burns and doctor's dressings!”

Vorderman has recovered from the unfortunate incident and told The Sun she now laugh over it.

“I was boiling so I decided to step off the treadmill and take my clothes off,” she explained. 

“The problem was when I stepped back on I forgot the belt was running so I slipped and fell on to my back.

“I was holding on to the hand bar, but the whole time the belt was running against my skin. I had really bad grazes all over my arms, legs and back and had to go to the doctor.”