Casey Kasem missing: Investigation launched into location of American radio show host

The former disc jockey has reportedly left the country without telling family

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An investigation has been launched into the whereabouts of missing retired American DJ Casey Kasem.

A Los Angeles judge ordered a court investigator and adult protection services to find the 82-year-old, who currently suffers from advanced Parkinson’s Disease.

His wife’s lawyer, Craig Marcus, confirmed that he has been taken out of America, but wasn't sure where.

“I have no idea where he is,” said Marcus in a court hearing on Monday.

Kasem – who was also the voice of Shaggy in Scooby Doo - can no longer speak and has been moved to various medical facilities by his wife, Jean Kasem.

In a court filing last week, the former disc jockey’s daughter from a previous marriage, Kerri Kasem, said that her father has been moved repeatedly without warning and his children have been unable to see him. 

She accused her mother-in-law of trying to isolate the entertainer from his family and is seeking control of his care and medical records.

She and her sister last visited their father in hospital last week.

The feud between Kasem’s three children and current wife is long-running.

In late 2013, his daughter, Julie, reached a visitation settlement with Jean, although the details were not disclosed.