Celebrity tattoos: the stars with questionable ink

We decipher the ink of the rich and famous, from the quirky to downright unusual.

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In the world of actors, singers, rappers and presenters, it’s important to remember that nine times out of ten, your tattoo will last longer than your career.

The other thing to remember is how much more cultured and interesting you’ll appear if you have one.

Whether you want to support a cause (like the LGBT community), mark a significant life event, or simply tell us how much you dig the Samoan culture or the semantics behind Buddhism, a tattoo can do wonders for your artistic endeavours.

Obviously the most important thing is that they’re happy with them, and if the general public don’t really get it, well maybe that’s okay.

But some celebrities like to go off the beaten track, and get tattoos that are a little harder to decipher.